Why IS PPTP Being Used For TrustConnect When PPTP Has Been Unecrypted

Why exactly is Comodo using PPTP for TrustConnect (or anything else) when PPTP has been unencrypted (hacked or whatever word you want to use)? It’s essentially the same as sending information in an unencrypted format?

Thank you.

The main TrustConnect protocol is OpenVPN (128 bit with a regularly secret key changing). And we strongly recommend to use it.

But some of users want to connect TrustConnect from mobile devices, most of which don’t support OpenVPN client. They can use PPTP as alternative.

Hi, I hope I still can ask a question in this year-old topic…
TrustConnect is integrated in recent versions of CIS and it supposed to be used without a client. But it seems that it uses PPTP in that case. Isn’t that insecure?

Maybe, I should ask this question in CIS section???

TC supports 2 types of connections: secure connection by OpenVPN and low-secure connection by PPTP.

Hello, Vadim. That’s exactly the reason of my question.
When using TC within CIS (clientless configuration, described here: Secure Data Encryption, SSL VPN Connection | Internet Security Help) does it use OpenVPN or PPTP? It seems that by default PPTP is used, isn’t it? If so, is there any way to force OpenVPN instead (without TC client)?
Thank you.