Why is only Comodo being Transparent?

The proof is in the pudding.

Why aren’t other cybersecurity vendors being transparent about their products?


I think the answer is complicated, complex and yet simple. Some vendors now have a transparency policy. For example, Kaspersky Transparency Center or Signal Code Audits.
Xcitium, as a cybersecurity vendor, has its own method of publicly displaying its data telemetry statistics. However, these data can only be verified by a third party authority, in the same way, as 3rd party company providing the code audit service for messengers app. That is why the community needs to have confidence in someone to carry out the audit. Someone with authority who has not been involved in audit sales in the past. Someone with authority who has not been caught in selling auditing.

Opening up a company and its secrets to the rest of the world is still seen as something that the company has more to lose than it has to gain.

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I agree, that we do need a third party indepedent Auditors providing Cyber Security Transparency Audits.
This way consumers/businesses can have confidence in the data the vendors publish about their efficacy.

Well Melih how about you make one or at least create a working group along with other anti virus companies and security professionals that can work on a standard on how to go forward.

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