Why is it ok?

Why is it ok to buy Antivirus products while the companies selling them are NOT prepared to stand behind their product? (eg: back their claims that they can protect the user by giving warranty/guarantee etc)?

No one is forced to buy/use/etc…

You may call it claims, they may call advertising.


Fairness cream, supplements, etc…

Manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy things in the world claim/advert this way.

Nothing is forced, its your choice.

Once upon a time if something was claimed in advertising it had to be deemed to be true and correct, otherwise it was regarded as false advertising (With penalties).
This was rather broadly known for most of the world and the way it should be.

Legal and moral rights and obligations with advertising appears to be wiped in recent times, extraordinary claims true or not seemed to be greatly accepted now.
This does not make it OK or correct, it just means we have become more forgiving about this for some reason.

No we are not forced, but we are at times greatly misled.
Just my thoughts.

I can only think of 2 reasons:

  1. AV Vendors misleading consumers to make them think they are purchasing “protection” (which we all know is not really protection).
  2. Everybody purchase a “protection” knowing that its not 100% effective (none of them).

I think point number 2 is the strongest. Sadly, we live in a reality: there is no 100% perfect and bullet proof product.
So why would they blame vendors?

It’s not okay… That’s why I use Comodo ;D

Is the price of CIS for just one PC? Norton give three PC protection the same price

yes 3.

What happens to your computer when a brand new file that happens to be a malware that Norton doesn’t recognize turns up on your computer?

CİS is also free 88) You can get the same protection with the CİS Premium like CİS paid version :-TU

i do not rely on norton only. i have comodo firewall and other programs. i find norton very good though

But not anti virus with CIS free?

all of them FREE ! :SML: :viva:

you can upgrade and get “live expert virus removal services”. But why would you need that if it keeps all the the virus out?

“protection the clean system” & “cleaning the infected PC” are two different things 8)

but how would it get infected in the first place if you have comodo

on correct rules, you will never infected. and “be on the alert” :wink: it is the more powerfull than any AV solution.

CIS Premium is the Free version.

The question could be rephrased as “Why are software publishers permitted to sell licenses for products which have disclaimers that say that there is no warranty they are suitable for the purpose for which they are advertised to fulfill?”

indeed, another way of asking it…thanks!

comodo may have a highly populated signature database, and white list (for its HIDS system), but it wasn’t always this way. what makes the antivirus software better is typically contributions to the companies cloud server signature database by it’s users.

the more users that participate in contributing to the database, the better the detection rate is. i personally use Avast!, and only ever considered installing comodo when my pro. licence ran out: i still use avast! for antivirus, but now use comodo too (for the firewall and HIDS).

it’s usefulness is dictated by the market, and its as simple as that. furthermore, HIDS (Defense+) is NOT antivirus. as the name says, its Intrusion Detection software. it simply detects software which goes out of the regular boundaries of normal activity, and flags it if it does not.

moreover; HIDS software is A) only as accurate as is the knowledge of the system administrator who installed it, or B) only as accurate as the cloud based White list (which is usually co-dependant on, again, the community)

the fact is that there are many great anti virus solutions out there, and the only thing that makes one better than the other is either the amount of users in the user base contributing to the signature databases, or the amount of signatures the company itself is willing to pay for or manually collect.

with this said, i enjoy COMODO’s firewall. and its convenient built in IDS system (HIPS?). coming from a software developer and web hosting business background, i find it very much fun to over configure, and i enjoy having the control over the system in which i choose to implement.

they also have quite a nice product line. but IMO, if they bundled these features into one neat and tidy little suite, it would be much more appealing. i understand that they might be trying to reduce how “intrusive” the software is, but the fact is that all antivirus solutions are bundling these days, and its a pain having to install 5 different programs…

for example, the Cleaner, and Program Manager applications; these seem to be a good fit together, and prime directives seem somewhat orthogonal.

my final thoughts? honestly, i love the firewall, and after a hell of a time getting the HIPS system to do exactly what i wanted. i love that too. (there was no direct access the the groups editor. my white-lists were often ignored due to ordering, or race conditions. it was some what confusing.)

but the fact i still have been unable to get the sandbox to work on ANY of my machines might lead me to shelf it-

i have tried everything from a reinstall (using uninstallation tools), disabling services, applications, security mechanisms (DEP, ASLR, SEHOP,
etc), different machines, architectures (x86/64bit), all the way to attaching a debugger to see if it was failing to load a file/shared library/driver/etc.

no cigar.