Why is hopsurf selected by default?

Because Hopsurf is about Social Authentication.

Hopsurf allows Comodo to differentiate between popular/liked sites and unpopular/disliked sites. To be able to figure out which of the billions of pages/sites is good/bad/liked/disliked it is very difficult to just rely on a company with people to check them all. This is where Social Authentication comes into equation. Just like the police force rely on the citizens to report suspicious stuff cos they can’t be everywhere all the time, we have created this infrastructure to create Social Authentication - Distributed Authentication.

The more you use Hopsurf and surf using it, tagging sites etc, the better authentication database we will have. Today we do not make money from you using surfing features of hopsurf etc… only if you do a web search we make money but its just a web page for searching and nothing else (no 3rd party application. We listened to our users and removed the 3rd party application ask toolbar).

So, Social Authentication is the key towards creating a healthier internet experience. Using Social Capital (you the users…including me :slight_smile: ) we can create useful data about sites that are liked/disliked etc. The other beauty of hopsurf is: how can you find new and interesting sites? Its very difficult… because there are people like you who find an tag sites… you will get to share in their finds too… its a totally social experience from authentication to finding new and interesting sites.

So now you know why its selected by default, its about authentication!

PS: why is secure DNS not selected by default? Its a new infrastructure, we wanted to try and see it first (just being cautious… thats all).


I’m trying out the DNS but I have no interest in Hopsurf so deselected it.

that’s perfectly fine… thats why the options are there…

Of course we wish you used hopsurf and helped us create a safer internet by tagging sites you like/dislike but I totally understand if you do not want to do that.

Thank you for your support


How can users get Hopsurf who upgraded from 3.9 to 3.10? There was no option on the upgrade.

need to discuss it with the dev guys…


Surely you can just download it from here :):


true indeed…

we also have an applet that requires no toolbar etc…

Hopsurf is an amazing engine that will make internet safer and convenient for us all. Please use it, the more we use it, the better internet will become for the millions…


If you look in your Comodo folder in Program files, the exe to install the HopSurf toolbar is there, even if you did not choose to install it when doing the clean install of 3.10. I would assume you can just click on that. If you just updated from 3.9 then you will have to download it. I had to do the clean install due to multiple problems with the updater.

I just updated from 3.9 to 3.10 yesterday and again this evening without a clean install and apart from a BSOD this evening on the reboot from 529 to 530 which corrected itself on restart everything is hunky dory on my PC. Another great Comodo product is born.
Reading the posts on this thread in regard to Hopsurf which I don’t have in my installation yet started me wondering if it would conflict with Web of Trust which seems to be a similar program and which I have installed on my PC. Can anyone answer this for me or can they both run simultaneously?.

you should be able to run them together…
hopsurf is a totally different program…it lets you watch internet :wink: it lets you find sites of interest for you… as well as it helps with social authentication.


I don’t know Melih, you say removed the ASK toolbar but I just tried the hopsurf one and anything that is search through it is directed through the ask search engine. Yeah it might do what you say but it still is basically a ask tool bar with some added features. :frowning:

No its NOT ask toolbar…
its a Comodo developed toolbar… our own software developers wrote hopsurf…
if you do a search we still use ask search engine for that… but NOT their toolbar.

Hopsurf is a social authentication infrastructure and yes it does offer searching as one of its many functions.


Hi Melih,
Thanks alot for all information regarding hopsurf toolbar i liked it & will use it & also tell my other friends who are using CIS to upgrade & use hopsurf toolbar.
I also liked Secure DNS service i opted for it too.


There are ill intentioned people out there who are spreading lies saying that hopsurf is IAC/ASK toolbar…

I can categorically confirm that Hopsurf is NOT IAC/ASK toolbar… Its a Comodo product, developed by Comodo!

I feel sorry for these ill intentioned people where the only thing they have is lies in order to fight Comodo.



Is it true that hopsurf is a replacement to safe-surf? Do I need to uninstall safe-surf before installing hopsurf? I just updated from comodo 3.9 to 3.10. Sorry if this has been explained already, I’m not sure if I understood all the text above :o

Yes you must uninstall as it causes conflicts with 3.10 ie:- browser does not close still appears in task manager even though you have closed it.

Safesurf is part of CIS now so you do not need it.


Also one quick point… because Hopsurf is a 100% Comodo developed toolbar for social authentication, the EULA is covered within CIS EULA. Some people were wondering where the EULA went… :slight_smile: (again because its not a 3rd party toolbar because its a comodo toolbar its covered within Comodo EULA).


Not surprising, if they install a translated version of CIS 3.10, since we translators did not get updated language files to translate. This is how it looks if you install CIS 3.10 in Swedish:


som drivs av Ask.com, ’powered by Ask.com’ :-\

Personally I think it should not be selected by default the reason why.

By having it pre selected as such it takes away from the Comodo image of “Creating Trust Online”, let users decide if they want to check it to install, it’s a small change that would add to Comodo’s Moto.

I also came across a few articles like the one below from “Donnas Security Flash” at


Fri, Jul 3 2009 15:45
Comodo removed Ask/IAC SafeSurf Toolbar by replacing it with HopSurf/IAC/Ask Toolbar

So Comodo’s promise to remove SafeSurf Toolbar happened but not to finish their agreement with A$k/IAC. Instead, the new version of Comodo is now bundled with HopSurf Toolbar which is IAC/Ask.com too. The installer become worst because there’s no EULA presented in addition to known method of misleading people by offering unnecessary third party service/component in a SECURITY software. Note that it is a security software that should offer clean installer no?

Screenshots at Calendarofupdates -

Their announcement says:

What's New In 3.10.101801.529?
NEW! COMODO Secure DNS is introduced as a new free service
NEW! COMODO HopSurf Toolbar - COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar has been discontinued and superseded by COMODO HopSurf Toolbar
NEW! CIS now allows the users to change the URL for the program and virus updates
IMPROVED! CIS now has a better support for Windows Security Center integration in Windows Vista SP1 and later
IMPROVED! AV engine now supports more archives and has better detection capabilities
IMPROVED! Direct disk access false alerts have been reduced
FIXED! Some applications do not run when CIS is installed in Vista 64 bit
FIXED! Antivirus scans excluded folders
FIXED! Firewall does not show some connections under high load
FIXED! Firewall sometimes causes the PC to freeze in windows XP 32
FIXED! cfp.exe crashes when HIPS alerts timeout

That NEW! COMODO Secure DNS is introduced as a new free service is from Global Managed DNS Services | Neustar, Inc. and again, this NEW! COMODO HopSurf Toolbar - COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar has been discontinued and superseded by COMODO HopSurf Toolbar means you need to agree with (not included EULA in the installer) the EULA in using Ask Toolbar/IAC/Ask.com service. See HopSurf EULA online: The page you were looking for doesn't exist (404) or http://www.hopsurf.com/license.jsp

So much effort about a checkbox again…

Guess ill intentioned people now have a name at last :-La