Why is file management so clumsy?

Who thought it was good idea to totally wreck the old separated Trusted fiels and Unrecognized files catgegories? Not to mention if you now click the “Do not sandbox this app” small popups, it doesn’t add app to the Trusted apps, it adds it to the Sandbox exlcusion. WHY!?

This means that when there is unrecognized file (and trust me, if you’re a developer, you’ll see tons of them on your PC), you need to dig through menus and use filters to sort out Unrecognized files. And yes, I’ve modified to sandbox file from anywhere, not just from Internet, because I think that’s a very bad policy.

Why isn’t Unrecognized files direct access available in the very front GUI panel? It used to be there, but now it’s ridiculous how many clicks you need to reach the same function.

Hi Sheepolina,
If the unrecognized list is used regularly, this can be opened from the status pane of the widget.
I know this might not be the ultimate solution, but it might save a lot of clicks.

Kind regards.

I’m not the biggest fan of the widget and thus, I keep it disabled.

If only there was “Unrecognized files” under “Blocked intrusions” along with Blocked Intrusions and Sandboxed apps (it already was there in former versions). That would make things so much easier.

I agree and I kind of remember it being mentioned before (Maybe a wish), but I am failing to find it.
It might be worth considering creating a wish in the hope to bring back this since removed functionality.
Wishlist - CIS
Required Wish Format

Kind regards.

I don’t understand, why do I have to make a feature request for something that has already been available in CIS, but has been removed for reasons unknown?

The wish would be to have the feature restored in a future update.

I’ve just noticed Purge button is also GONE from all menus. Now it’s impossible to cleanup the list of files that were once trusted but do not exist anymore on the HDD. This is crazy!? Who orchestrated this dumbed down release and thought of it as a good idea!? This isn’t just 1 step back, this is 50 steps back…

Not all menus, just file list and Comodo is looking into bringing it back.

Can you also mention them to add “Unrecognized files” panel access directly into the main CIS panel like it used to be few versions back? I’d greatly appreciate that.

Is there even a section dedicated to “wishlist”? Can’t really find it where I’d ask for all this other than just doing it here…

Hm, how did I miss that…