why is cpm discontinued

Why discontinue what could have been the perfect uninstaller

Not to mention that it is a great application packager!!

I didn’t like its bugs.

maybe comodo wants to focus more on security apps or they didnt have enough resources to manage it.

I’m pretty sure no-one liked its bugs. :smiley:

But the good bits were, and are, outstanding, at least for my purposes (packaging for redeployemnt across small LANs). The .EXE packages were reliable and consistent and saved me literally hundreds of hours.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I was hoping something like the app packaging portion of CPM would somehow make its way into CESM.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Very disappointed COMODO has abandoned this–it is far & away the best, especially the most unobtrusive, installation manager on the market IMO.

I have installed on all my PCs including W7HPx64 and it works well enough. Yes there are bugs but none that inspire me to remove it, or find another option.

Of course, if anyone here knows an alternative product that works in a similar way to CPM, by all means tell. In particular it must, like CPM,

  1. Monitor in the background–no user interaction required

  2. Enable sorting of installed programs by date and time

  3. Show everything it’s going to UNINSTALL when you select to do that especially the Registry entries

Thanks for any replies to this!

Personally I reckon this topic should be kept updated,I’d like to see CPM brought back to life.

The ability to create a self-extracting archive of installed applications is reason enough to revive this product,it’s a really useful function unique to this genre of software.

Comodo should focus on its security products (of course on CIS)… Developers should focus on security softwares :-TU

For me, this is its primary use.

But IMO careful tracking of program installations, and the ability to completely Un-do them if necessary, is absolutely a security issue.

It appears to me that the devs took CPM down a path that became too difficult to maintain, or they discovered that something they were attempting was not possible. If I am right about this, I hold-out hope that someone will recognize e.g. that was very close to perfect, and tweak it and fix a few bugs perhaps.