Why I cannot update comodo? Help!

I installed comodo just last week and just today comodo poped up a message saying there’s an update available.

I choose to update the firewall, but the problem is the downloading process dies before it reaches 3% everytime. I try to see if comodo is blocking the updater but I didn’t find any rules or logged message that might do so.

So is this comodo server’s problem or something is blocking the updater? I know my internet is ADSL so the connection speed is at least decent.

it seems everyone is trying to update at the same time [for the last 2 days] when everyone tries at the same time nobody can update because comodo servers cannot handle it. The problem is that if nobody can update they will keep trying or switch firewalls.

My opinion is that they should release updates by registration code blocks or something that will limit the number of people that can update at the same time.

I wish it wasn’t so good --I would switch…

Of course I had NPFand CA and had no problems with them whatsoever.

I just hope that some time in the near future this cools down. I don’t know why it would since so few seem to have been able to succeed.

In your case since you just installed it I would remove it or install over it? you can download it here

me-- I have it a while and do not want to have it go through the learning process al over again…