Why I cannot put my securities levels to high

Why I cannot put my securities levels to high, when i change my securities levels, it broke down my internet connection, can you help me
Thanks in advance

Do You Mean Moving The Slider To The Top In Firewall Behaviour Settings ?

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Yes,in this screen, my Pc is actually in Training mode, and when i move the slider to the safe mode or custom mode, i loose my internet connection. Thks

Other than training mode, Network Security Policy is applied to all the other modes. So in training mode when you try to open the application to access internet, does it prompt you to allow or block ? prompt’s, are you enabling the option remember my answer ? Would Request You To Post The Screenshot Of The Firewall Network Security Policy.

Workaround: If Possible, Make A Fresh Install Of CIS 3.9.95478.509 And Check.