Why every submited sample doesn't go to AV Lab?

Many virus hunters that doesn’t use CIS uses CIMA as one of the online tools available to “research” malware itself.

Because of this COMODO can use this community-powered tool to improve your AV detection rates and sent all samples submitted from CIMA to AV Lab (as a malwaresubmit@avlab.comodo.com e-mail…).

I currently sent all samples that I discovered to CIMA and VirusTotal only, no more upload threats on this forum.

Every sample goes to the lab (either by email, CIMA, etc.)
CIMA is great because it allows people to analyze their malware and also feeds the malware to COMODO’s AV labs so suspicious files will be manually analyzed for anything and a sig will be created, so i guess this is the fastest way.

But I has read in some place that CAMAS submitted samples goes to AV Lab only when CAMAS detect it as suspicious.
I think that will be great if all samples goes to AV Lab analysis.

I agree (for now). I’ve seen CIMA miss some malware in the past, but I think as it improves even more, it will really help the analysts focus just on the malware and not having to see if it is malicious or not in the first place.


There should be a button saying send to lab if its not rated as suspicious.