why doesn't this work??

doing a monthly manual scan. Pgm just sits there "please wait while CSC scans your computer’ 10 MINUTES!!!

what the heck???

Can anyoe recommend a registry cleaner that works?


I believe I’ve had this on occasions. Just exit and restart CSC.

As to a registry cleaner that works: my recent post notwithstanding, CSC works remarkably well. Still, it’s always wise to review selected entries before proceeding with the deletions. There are some applications that do things in unconventional ways and their entries may thus appear to be expendable, whereas in reality they are not. That’s where backups come in handy ;).

yes, thank you; i tried that several times. no avail.

there is a flaw somewhere in csc. plz find.

i know, yournext advice is ‘uninstall, then reinstall.’ whoooaaaa, real user friendly, that. yes, i am frustrated. i used to trust csc. filled out thye survey; no one listens or cares.

story of every company: eventually turns into a bureaucracy with insulation and survival its only goals.


seems to be the ‘updater.exe’ that chokes. grabs all cpu and ever finishes.

uninstalled. then inst and ran 2.2; it found 12000 reg errors, then flagged none for removal…???