Why doesn't this run in services?

I am currently on a shared computer with my co-workers. They really don’t know anything about computers, and they really like to shut down programs that are crucial to the PC’s security for some unknown reason. So what I have done for some other programs (like Ad-Aware’s realtime Ad-Watch) is make it so the program doesn’t interact with the desktop so they can’t easily close it. Meaning that it doesn’t show up in the icon tray but still runs silently in the background without them knowing.

The way I did this was simply going into the services, and unchecking the box ‘Interact with desktop’, but with this program it does not show up in the services menu, so it has to be exposed in the icon tray. I have it to always hide…but they will probably still close it if they see it. So can anybody tell me another way to ‘hide’ this program from showing up in the icon tray?

How about putting a password on it?

Comodo → Misc → Parental Controls

Comodo → Defense+ → Settings → “Block unknown requests if the program is shutdown”

The thing is… If you shutdown the GUI I don’t think that you would see pop-ups.

Can’t use a firewall on this computer, since my co-workers would be confused to death and would just complain to no end how it needs to be removed.

I just need to know how to ‘hide’ this program by itself.