Why does website download leads to an old version?

CIS 7 was released almost a month ago, but if you download from comodo site, you’ll get older version, why?

I don’t think we know why yet, but Comodo hasn’t pushed the update through the internal updater and they haven’t put it up on the website either, it’s only available through the forum (and third parties) but like I said I don’t think we know why and previous questions about it has gone unanswered, I too wonder why. :-\

May be coz its a v7 Final Beta :o (:WIN) and few things are not in place…

I don’t see “beta” or “rc” anywhere on current CIS v7.

Hi Maniak2000,
It is neither, it is the latest official release. :slight_smile:

Why isn’t it on the website then?

There was a delay for unknown reasons, but it is now updated with the current version. :-TU

Maybe I’m blind but it says Comodo Internet Security Pro 6 for me on the site’s product list.

Says the same for me however the downloaded file is CIS 7 for me.

Comodo should also update the text and not only the download…

Agreed. :-TU