Why does this happen?

Hi everyone.

About a week ago, I started having troubles with Comodo Internet Security, which i’ve never had problems with previously. It says the Network Firewall isn’t functioning properly, so I ran the Diagnostics and it said that the problem cannot be fixed. That’s problem number one.

The second problem i’m having is, I’ve had to restore my computer to previous points, twice, because of this update with Comodo. I’m assuming. I updated Comodo, and restarted my computer, and nothing. It wouldn’t start, not even in safe mode. So I used the Restore Disk. I did this again, and I concluded the update must be doing something. What the heck is going on? :cry:

Any help is appreciated, and i’m sorry if i’m vague in this post, i’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers! :wink:

Try here. It’s probably related.