Why does the comodo firewall shut down my internet if I refuse to reboot?

Comodo, is the single firewall, that I have found that suits my needs. Every other firewall I have tried has been a ROYAL PITA… Including Zone Alarm.

I have been using Comodo for well over a year, I think maybe 3 years now. this is the Setup I use: CFP_Setup_English_2.4.16.174.exe

Now, I have 2 distinct issues.

  1. If there is an update to comodo, and it downloads installs, wants me to reboot, but I dont want too, It will turn off net access with in 5 minutes. WTF is up with that?!

  2. How do I make the dialogue boxes disapear faster? Like it will tell me something wants internet access, I click allow, and then the box will sit on screen for sometimes upto 3 minutes before it decides to ‘go away’ how do I make it go away faster?