Why does HIPS behave differently when the same version of Comodo?

Two computer are installed with version
Two computer HIPS are set to the security mode
Operating system is win10

One of them madly prompts the application to access System memory, but the other one runs the same program but does not prompt?

See Attachment w for details…

I tried to uninstall and reinstall it completely, but it still prompts the app to access the System memory.

this happen when installation corrupt…
you can try restart system in safe mode and use the comodo uninstall


if you are not familiar, see as restart system in safe mode in windows 10 4 Ways to Boot to Safe Mode in Windows 10 - YouTube

in windows 7 restart system an click in f8 up until option screen safe mode…

I have tried to uninstall with this tool, but there is no effect. Reinstallation will still be the same as before.