Why does COMODO hate itunes?

Why does the COMODO firewall hate itunes? I mean it refuses to allow me to download podcasts. Itunes is indeed marked as a permitted application and the firewall is not refusing any other defined application access. Sure it keeps asking about firefox day after day and repeatedly but it is asking not just causing a problem.


I use Comodo with iTunes and everything works fine, try deleting the iTunes rules in the application monitor then launching iTunes, this way Comodo can refresh.

It doesn’t! It work just fine here :slight_smile:

Do what justin1278 suggest!

You mention that CFP keeps asking for FF as well as not letting you download podcasts. The thought occured to me that you might have your security level too high. I only get a FF pop up when it changes, as it just did when it updated to version I use iTunes but don’t do podcasts, and everything works OK.

When you say it keeps asking about FF, does it keep asking about it acting as a server? If so, look at SECURITY - ADVANCED - MISCELLANEOUS and turn off “Skip loopback connections - TCP”.

Re. downloading podcasts - what is in the firewalls logs when a podcast download attempt fails?

Ewen :slight_smile: