Why does CAPTCHA have such a problem with Brave browser?

I’m trying to avoid Chrome and move to Brave for better security. But that ■■■■ CAPTCHA. With Chrome, Edge, or other competitors, CAPTCHA can be easily solved in one or two attempts. With Brave, it’s at least several tries. My highest count in one instance was 30 tries and I gave up eventually. It’s so much harder. What is the point of more secure browsing if it’s so difficult to use? What is the design behind this?

Try disabling the shields when dealing with google captcha :slight_smile:

FYI, the actual problem is google captcha NOT brave :slight_smile:

maybe better privacy not security

Try these steps if you are having a problem of CAPTCHA in any browser

  1. Clear your cache and cookies
  2. Disable ad blockers
  3. Change firewall and proxy settings
  4. Use latest version of the browser

Change your Search engine from Google to a different one like DuckDuckGo to avoid Captcha.

Only problem with DuckDuckGo is it doesn’t show dates :frowning: Captcha should be illegal.