why do we need launch pad

hello all,

I was wondering why we need comodo launch pad. I see it just as another thing in the way.

Kill Launchpad?

The launchpad, like the liver, is evil and it must die! LOL

Seriously, some people like having a single access point to the range of installed Comodo apps, others hate it with a venom. I believe that it will be made purely optional for all apps, but don’t know this for certain (just reading between a few lines).

If it was made optional then everybody could be as happy as they want to be.

ewen :slight_smile:

how do I remove the launchpad?

Probably, made Launch Pad as an optional will be a good move. It will be win-win situation. Those who wants LP may install it and those who do not want it may opt not to install it.

Hi all

New user here, trying out virus, firewall, ivault and backup. Haven’t yet had time to get used to them so far, but not having the firewall listed in the launchpad prompts my visit to the forum.

From what I have read, most opinion seems to say ‘get rid of launchpad’. I must add my voice to those. I don’t really see the need for it. If enable/disable was an option, and if all Comodo installed software was listed then there might be value in having it.

Perhaps module/program access via separate menu items on the tray icon instead?

Anyway, thanks Comodo for your work in producing these programs. I will reserve judgement as to whether I like them until I have spent some time using them. I have tried Bit Defender Pro and Zone Alarm Security Suite and am now trying your products. So far, they seem more to my liking than the others.

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As of version 2.3 CFP was removed from Launchpad and LaunchPad was no longer included in the download of the firewall. As of version 2 of the antivirus this is also the case.
Comodo will eventually phase out launchpad from all their products, but it may be available as an optional download in the future.


Thanks Mike. The antivirus module I have is Beta 1.1, I will need to check the site for version 2.


Beta 2 of the antivirus is available only on the forums. See beta section under the antivirus to find the latest version.
Please remember though this is beta software (for those who want to beta test only) and you may want to read some of the bug reports before downloading.