Why do so many antivirus programs miss the same, old exploits?

Why do so many viruses get onto computers even when they’re running updated antivirus products? The problem is two-fold, according to independent testing company NSS Labs.

Analysis of test results on popular antivirus products showed that not only do they miss known exploits, but the different products tend to miss the same exploits, opening up unexpected windows of opportunity for attackers.

“There is not one combination of products that would result in blocking all 1,400 exploits used,” he said. “We’ve beaten ourselves up trying to come up with a combination and we still see things being attacked.” What about CIS? :slight_smile:

Read more: http://gcn.com/Articles/2013/02/27/Antivirus-programs-miss-the-same-exploits.aspx?Page=1

It would be very interesting to see CIS, with both Internet and Security configurations, stand up to this.

On a related side note. It would be interesting to see how CIS performs when compared to Exploit Shield as well.