Why do I need someone to connect to my PC remotely...Cloud Scanner question

Someone please explain why someone from a remote place has to connect to my PC in order to clean it with the Cloud Scanner, what exactly is the point of that? I live in the USA and Comodo is in Romania…Why does someone from Romania have to remotely connect to my PC to clean it?

Hi AdygheChabadi

CCS is a diagnostics tool only. CSC (COMODO System Cleaner) and CIS (COMODO Internet Security) will clean your system.


they compare it against their database (which keeps growing)

The remote connect is to livePCsupport. It’s not related to CIS directly.
The remote connection is done over Internet, you won’t pay for a call.
livePCsupport is a payed help system.
More info http://www.comodo.com/home/support-maintenance/live-pc-support.php