Why do 2.0 worse than 1.6?

CESM 1.6 provides more opportunities for the administration:

  • Custom packaging
  • List of currently running applications and services
  • Configuration Editor (very important)
  • Task Scheduler
  • Sending messages to the managed PC
  • Remote Command Prompt (important)

Why do not you implement all these functions in the CESM 2.0? and do you have plans to implement them in the future?

Hi gta3user,

This release 2 is specific for ‘Small/Medium Business’ the 1.6 release has much more features but that’s also the downside for lower skilled environments.
So the ESM 2 BE is aimed at other public then 1.6 is.

how do you propose manage pop-ups on a remote PC using ESM 2.0?
if I set the firewall mode to the safe, then if the user will need to open some access to anything else, how do I allow access only to that application?
why, even if the mode is set firewall in training, the firewall will lose all of what he learned yesterday?

in ESM 2.0, even if the number 5! endpoints is much more complicated manage than the 1.6
that for a small business do you mean? manage each endpoint still have locally, 2.0 console for me is only as a way to remotely collect reports on virus attacks.

:-[ the configuration will still be trained for each PC manually, because there is no way to train with the configuration console.

P.S. it would be better perfected version 1.6 (add support for CIS 5.9 and remove the bugs)

!ot! it hurts me to see how you gradually given up from all the best that I loved in the products COMODO

I first like to make clear I’m NOT Comodo Staff, just a forums volunteer so I can’t fix it even if I wanted.

In version 2 you need to pick a PC that will function as a ‘template’ system, put that configuration down like you want and then mirror those settings over the rest of the group.
I’m not very actively involved with ESM so can’t give you more details.

I didn’t say there won’t be an update for 1.6 tough, just that they are 2 different products… so please don’t see 2.0 BE as a replacement for 1.6.

If 2.0 does not replace 1.6, which disappeared from the forum all the news topics about 1.6 and the lack of updates and patches for almost a year?

What did disappear?
This board is all about 1.6 https://forums.comodo.com/comodo-endpoint-security-manager-b115.0/

As said I’m not staff so I can’t help you out here, maybe staff can reply if they are now working on an update for 1.6

I mean the “important topics” before 2.0 release had contained a number of important topics on the CESM 1.6, such as news, reviews and releases. Now on this spot adorned only 2.0

I think that 1.6 will be forgotten soon, because all the forces of development are thrown to version 2.0. just if it is true, then I would be very keen to see the former functions in 2.0

Not to mention either that ESM 1.6 runs at the endpoint level, CIS 4.x
Eventhough, it might be the “same” protection as the one that endpoints with CIS 5.x receive, we all know that previous versions for any software have bugs, flaws, etc.

Would be great to see ESM 1.6 working with CIS 5.x (or perhaps with CIS 6.x in the future).

Version 1.6 is our latest Enterprise Edition, whereas 2.0 Business Edition was designed for the small business market. We are planning a release for the Enterprise market to replace version 1.6. Stay tuned.

–Glen Marianko
Product Manager

This are really GOOD NEWS! :-TU (:CLP)

Hi all,

We are glad to inform you that the feature, which was marked in the list posted by gta3user as very important is now available in the latest beta version, which was released yesterday. This is our first step on the way of configuring CIS through policies. We are planning to extend and improve it in future releases. As to the rest of mentioned features, we are thinking of including them (partly or completely) into an enterprise version of ESM, work on which has already begun.

Please visit this link with the announcement for more details: https://forums.comodo.com/endpoint-security-manager-20-business-edition/endpoint-security-manager-business-edition-21-beta-released-t83315.0.html

We will be glad to hear your feedback about this feature particularly and the new version of the product in general.