Why didn’t CPF ask me?


CPF and I are just getting to know each other. I may be a bit paranoid but I was wondering why CPF didn’t ask about letting IE out to the net when I used it. It did with the first install but not with the re-install. Is it due to settings being left behind on the hard drive when I uninstalled it and it’s referencing that? Also, it wasn’t listed under the Application Monitor, and had to added it manually. Another concern is, none of the dlls are listed in Component Mon either. Does that mean they are getting out too without asking or referencing the previous settings? (App Mon = On, Component Mon = Learn)

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From what I can tell, dlls don’t get out on their own as they have to hook onto something, if you notice in your application behavior analysis (security tab then advance tabs) monitoring dll injections is an option that is default on, so you don’t have to be especially concerned about whether CFP is keeping track of dlls. Heck, I’m trying to sort out my own problems with dll.

There is an option under SECURITY-ADVANCED-MISCELLANEOUS to not sohow aleerts for apps certified by comodo. If this is enabled, you won’t see alerts for literally thousands of applications that Comodo have certified as safe and included in the safelist databse in CFP.

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Thanks Oriour and Ewen for your explanations. I unchecked the alerts certified by Comodo - this is what I was looking for.

In my other post I mentioned about creating a dll list of explanation for people who would prefer a tighter setup. This seams to be one of the most common areas people struggle with and there’s so little information to reference. Would something like this be of interest with you two?

You would be the goddess and we would grovel at your feet if you felt inclined to produce a listing of DLLs, the normal purpose etc. :wink:

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Others are interested in it too. I probably won’t be able to start till around the week of the 16th because I’m taking a trip next week and have too much to do beforehand. If you didn’t catch the other post, it will either be in the Security or Feedback group as Little Mac suggested.