Why did they Released v3??

I’m looking over some of the Help and bugs of v3 and I wonder why did they release 3 if they knew this would happen??

or is just a monthly affect where every error need to be hunted down like this??

I believe that most of those people have problems with their computers, and not with v3. They do not know how to detect problems, so they blame a new version of the firewall, which is absolutely awesome. Anyway, I have CF installed on 4 computers, 3 x 2.4 on XP and one 3 on Vista - all work perfectly.

Whilst no doubt what you say is true, your statement is a little harsh.

I was a long-term user of the very impressive 2.4 under XP and the initial v.3 release, which I installed on a Vista computer, wreaked havoc by comparison. The problem is that, unlike workstations, no two computers are the same and, from that point of view, it must make the life of a software developer an absolute nightmare.

In addition, I am afraid that there are still too many people who do not take elementary back-up precautions (my brother-in-law for one!) and when it all comes crashing down around their ears, the ‘damage’ is often irreversible without a full rebuild. Of course, in such cases, it’s always someone else’s fault! 88)

I also think that users, once they know a replacement version is in the pipeline, start to increase the pressure on developers to release the software as soon as possible. This is no criticism of Comodo, it’s just a fact of life in the modern technological era that we all want something yesterday, even when it is free!

Finally, criticism alone doesn’t get the problem fixed. I dumped the original v.3 release because it was causing me so many problems, but I provided feedback, took the plunge with the 273 release, again provided feedback and have just worked my way up to 276. I am still working on the minor glitches, but I can feel the reliability returning. (V)

To CGPMaster,

Although this is just a personal opinion, I don’t think comodo anticipated these many problems when the initial V3.266 was released. After all, this release was preceded by something like a year of extensive beta testing among what may amount to a too geeky and too homogeneous of a cross section of the computer using population.

Then the circa 11/20/07 release of the non-beta general release of CPF3 happened and suddenly CPF3 was in the hands of a wider cross section of the computer using population and that larger population was totally unable to deal with the complexities of comodo rule sets. Then a large number of other real problems surfaced that probably no beta test would have caught anyway. Yes, it would have been great if these problems would have been fixed, but given the nearly infinite combinations of hardware, software, different levels of user knowledge, and the sheer brilliance of the overall ambitions to greatly expand what firewalls of the future are able to do, these type of problems are somewhat par for the course.

The comodo forums and help staff were also caught somewhat flatfooted. A few reacted with too much denial and tried to blame users ignorance for genuine problems. And in my opinion, were too late in honestly and public ally acknowledging problems leaving some wasting much time futilely to self fix the unfixable. And I managed to get a stern lecture from Melih for being too blunt in asking for clarifications in the process.

But bottom line, in the remarkably short time of about two weeks, comodo came up with a beta .273 version that fixed a rather large set of different problems. So, in my humble opinion, anyone who thinks comodo is not listing to user concerns, quite frankly does not understand what genius programming effort and incredible speed went into the.273 beta. But the .273 beta was released with the proviso that it was a dead end pilot program that would not be updated. But for me, the .273 beta fixed my must have concern and also fixed many of the other concerns other people had.

Since the .273 beta was such a success, we now see a final version released a few days ago. A version that is not a dead end product and can incrementally update itself. As we can see, all
problems are not fixed, but I think its safe to say most people’s concerns are now addressed. I also
think the pace of change will now slow, as many of the remaining problems will be harder to troubleshoot and fix.

But from my perspective, there would have been a lot less frustration if I had waiting that three plus weeks and upgraded from comodo 2.4 to the CPF3.276 version thereby skipping the frustration with the earlier CPF3 releases. But when I think about it more deeply, I realize that users have to step up as testers, and we learn invaluable lessons in the process of being frustrated.

Bottom line, comodo does address user concerns and have earned my trust.

Well I have CPF 3 on over 25 Computers and CPF 2 on about 13 Computers,… I love Comodo, It’s just I was just wondering…to me it seemed a lil wierd for a company like comoodo to cause such troubles with people like my grandparents (who actually Are learning how to use a computer for the first time LOL :-D) and I’m very glad to admit that I do trust Comodo All the Way but I"m also deciding to wonder… (R)

My god 25 computers plus another 13??? :o

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Your telling me you have 38 computers in your house!!?? :o


lol No I have 7 Computers in my house 10 of them i use for testing, and i gave 3 of my computers to my friends

so Lets do the math

7 in my house
3 to my friends
10 for testing
18 for different buisness uses

38 all together

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Josh. (Sorry to be off topic here)

Whilst no doubt what you say is true, your statement is a little harsh.
[b] yorker [/b]- that's why I said [b]most [/b]of the users. I am of course aware that there are cases of incorrect work of the firewall caused by issues other than the users themselves. I just wanted to point out that lots of problems are caused by either the computers or the users, who just do not know what theyre doing, and not by the faulty product. (L)