Why D+ is forced on users?

Why D+ is forced on users?

Firewall Only Install - Why D+ is forced & is there?
Antivirus Install - Why D+ is forced & is there?

Why self protection is only tied to D+ & not CIS as a whole?

CIS gives customize install but why partial customize install?

D+ is excellent but why force on users? Many users want just FW & AV.

Why full installtion choice as FW, AV, D+ is not there? Whats the reason for this?


You can always disable it. Besides, why would you want to do that when D+ is one of the most important components?

I know it can be disabled & it is an excellent security.

But dont you think it shouldn’t be forced on users. The way it can be disabled, it can also be added if required.

And if the user is going to keep it disabled then he would prefer not to install it.


its what makes comodo security so amazing and powerful. it can be easily disabled. if it was forced then there would be no disable opton. if the user just wants an av they should find a different security solution cause comodo is best used as a suite

So you mean to say Comodo Antivirus is not good as a standalone AV?

It is kind of forced. Simply give an option to include or not in the install. Those who want it, will install & viceversa. Whats the big deal?


no av is good as a standalone. no av wil ever catch 100% of malware which is y we need zeroday protection which is what defense + is for. idk y u r having such a big problem with it

I dont have any prob with it bro.

As you said, user not wanting it, can disable it. I just meant, why not user not wanting it, not install it.


Defense+ is a 99% of CIS power, disabling it is like to cut pianist’s hands. >:-D

There could be an other issue here, running multiple code tracks is more complicated in terms of development and bug-fixing.
It’s much easier to ‘disable’ a component then to completely ‘remove’ the code from the program.

And where still talking about a ‘free’ product here so I prefer they spend their time coding new protections against new risks :wink:

I think there should be custom install atleast as per module FW, AV, D+.

Many forums I have read people not using CIS coz D+ is forced with every module.

And the self protection is also tied to D+ only.


The actual antivirus or firewall in CIS are only small portions. Defense+ highly adds onto them. The antivirus is only to ID and remove known viral threats on a hard drive. The firewall is only to police connections between your programs and the internet.

Defense+ powers the BO protection in the firewall, it helps the antivirus to contain threats and kill evil processes, it powers the Sandbox features, it contains the suite’s self-protection ability, it informs you when suspicious apps act up or when trusted apps turn suspicious and it helps you write the rules on what may or may not execute–ever.

I don’t think COMODO or any other provider of HIPS-enabled software would ever allow the install option to not install all of that. These days an antivirus or firewall by itself is dumb and easily overwhelmed on its own. An internet security with the likes of Defense+ in it interacts more highly and develops with the end-user. :slight_smile:

Hi Naren
Funny question as no-one is actually forced to use CIS but as D+ is the CIS "star"component, and in my experience, its most applauded and most cursed component, I think I know what you mean.

Non-commercial users who just want FW & AV …will just use more convenient-to-use alternative free products, which may be the point you are making.

I would like to see all the items included under “Defense+ Settings” in the GUI, namely Sandbox and Execution Control, either actually disabled when D+ is “permanently” disabled, or moved to their own sections of the GUI.