why comodo refuse to add a clean file to its whitelist????

i have once send a file to comodo for whitelisting,and here is comodo’s reply:

but later ,i use cis to scan the file i sent,and the result shows it’s clean.so my question is,why comodo refuse to add a clean file to its whitelist???or in another way,if the file is a virus,why comodo refuse to add it to its blacklist???

Files can either be blacklisted, whitelisted, or they can exist in the gray area in between. Those files in-between may not be suitable for detection, but they may also not be trustworthy enough to be allowed complete access to the computer. I’m assuming that the file you are referring to falls within that range.

Can you please provide some details about the file, such as what it is supposed to do and which program it is a part of?


well,do u imply that comodo cis don’t have the ability to check a file and find out wether it’s clean or not??as that would be the only reason for the existence of the gray area.

Every files / vendors that are about to get whitelisted must respect many criterias. Most likely one of them is not, thus it’s considered not suitable.

can u explain that in more details about what are those criterias other than the file itself is clean?and which criteria doesn’t the file i submitted respect?and here is the file i submitted:

please also tell me wether the file i submitted is clean or not.
thank u,

why still nobody reply to my post???

well,the file is a cd/dvd burning software like nero.

but do u imply that comodo cis can not tell me wether the file is clean or not,if i do not tell them what does the file used for?

Perhaps it is adware supported. If that is the case it may fall into the gray area. If you want me to look into this further please provide a download location.

Thank you.

Actually the installer may be bundled with PUP or whatever stuffs…Best would be to ask analysts on why they found it unsuitable, but be sure there will always be a reason.

well ,who is the analyst of this file?

and can u explain in more details,what does the word pup mean?

well,i can show u the download page of this file ,but the webpage is in chinese.here it is:http://www.onlinedown.net/soft/61827.htm

but if i show u the download link directly,your download process maybe rejected by the website.u can have a try,here it is:http://lt.newhua.com/down/RD-All-In-One-75_newhua.zip

why still nobody reply???

Please try to edit posts.
PUP = Potentially Unwanted Program.
You can also add your file to your whitelist (manually).

well,as comodo still hasn’t told me wether the file is clean or not,how can i dare to add it to the whitelist manually?in another word,if comodo doesn’t dare to add the file to its whitelist,how can i dare to add the file to my own whitelist???

That’s not bad logic. In that case my advice would be to not use it.