Why Comodo Forum have ridiculous "logged" text at end of every post?

Every post I have seen has this silly “logged” tag.
If the IP address of every post is logged, why put this text at all?

AFAIK all forum software by default logs the IP address, so what is the point, not to mention the fact that anyone can circumvent IP logging of posts by using anonymous proxy anyway.

This logging text is annoying and worthless, and IMO they should get rid of it.

I don’t think Comodo can. You have to ask the SMF people.

But it doesn’t bother me. 88)

The genius of the creator to make every individual unique… 88)

Yeah well… 88)

Maybe it is supposed to give you “confidence” because the mods know what someone’s IP is. 88)

BTW, it is hard to get an admin here to make any major changes. Melih once said that a karma-score thing would be a good idea…and I had a SMF set up, so I showed him how to change it. He didn’t.

Melih doesn’t really handle the forums. AFAIK he just creates boards etc ;). I have no problem with it, as I don’t have it ;D, there is some other information standing there

What does annoy me is that when I go to “Show unread posts since last visit.” after every topic stands : NEW
like i didn’t know 88)


Good to know.

I will be using OperaTor to make posts from now on.
That way your “information” about me will be as meaningful as my “information” about you.


Lol, don’t you think we save all those information…


Well doesn’t the “New” pic link to the last unread post?

Doesn’t bother me.

So what does bother me? The way ganda “abuses” his power. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, don’t you think I already know that?
The circumvent info was for the benefit of other forum users…

Melih can stop by my house anytime… ;D

For best stealth one should create a new account with an email address from one of those temporary email services and forward that to your real email address, and then use OperaTor to make posts.

What’s my IP now, Xan? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you prefer Firefox, LaserWraith, you can get the Tor Browser bundle here:


Lol, like i’m going to post that in the public…;


I asked you because I was using Tor. :stuck_out_tongue:

My sense of Security feels about 50% when I’m using a Proxy… :-\

I wonder how the SSL works with OperaTor?

I should imagine the SSL connection is just between the Client and the OperaTor Server. And then another SSL connection between the OperaTor Server and the HTTPS site you’re visiting?

First of all, why do you want to use SSL with Tor?

I use Tor, but I would NEVER use Tor for banking or other financial transactions, for example.

If you are in North Korea and you want to send/receive information, use Tor.

You do realize that if you use Tor, your data is stored on someone else’s box before it gets to you, right?

TBH, I wouldn’t even use it to Post on a Forum. You could have just lost your Comodo Forum Password to some crazy guy’s that spend their time syphoning-off Forum Passwords, and posting Firefox Ads all day! :smiley:

i bet he gets caught after 2 mins


Xan, you need to quit while you are ahead.

This post indicates that you have no idea about what the Tor network is about.
It is used by journalists posting from countries like Iran and North Korea.

Read up on privacy issues before you post something that makes you look foolish.

It deffinately ‘was not’ us! ;D

Well, I can only learn right ?

AFAIK, tor is like a cloud stuff. You go on the internet and get connected to it, via several other computers. So :

You → computer → computer → computer → internet

True or not ? If not, I’ll take a look at it :wink: