Why Comodo Firewall? Here is the answer!

Here is a PDF that explains why Comodo Firewall.

pls let me know if i missed anything here.


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Hey Melih,

Screen capture of CFP GUI on P.2 is from a far older version (if memory serves me correctly).

Other than that it looks OK.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Nice write-up, Melih. Thank you!


Great write up! Although you may wish to change the screenshot of Comodo Firewall to one of a newer version.

Comodo Firewall is very very good. However, instead of “Why Comodo” you need to answer “Why no Vista compatiblity”.

because its in v3 availabe in March!


Hi Melih,

Excellent write-up for CFP. :wink: I agree Screenshot should be updated, though. :slight_smile:


Isthe version of thefirewall that is visat compatible available yet?

No, however a beta version is expected sometime this month.

I hope that’s not another one of your April Fool’s jokes. 88)

Ah you caught me >:(

Anyways I believe the date they are shooting for is the 16th of April.