why CCE shuts down during scanning???


Lately it seems during scanning my pc (windows 7 ultimate 64bit) with CCE 1.7 and now 2.0 (64bit version) after updating to latest update and a few seconds of scanning suddenly the scanning window disappears which means it closes. I have tried to run it in safe mode and the same thing happens.

Here is what I have on pc as proactive: emsisoft antimalware 6, kingsoft pc doctor, Stormshield ( I have allowed CCE), soluto, comodo time machine and active@hard disk monitor running.

Any help is appreciate it.

By the way killswitch and now autorun both works great and only with CCE I have this issue.

The strange thing I find is that I can drive scan like the C: and D: etc. and it will not shut off and will scan normally until the end. But if I do a full or complete scan it shuts off? do not know why. Perhaps there is something in non drive region that interferes with it???