Why can't I export my private key

I have been using comodo certificate for years. as a backup measure and to install it on my laptop I always export my private key.

However when I received my new cert I was unable to export my private key. is this new?

How can I make My private key exportable?

Oh I am talking about Free email SSL cert.


The only way this can be marked as not exportable on a new certificate is if the 'Advanced Private Key Options… ’ when you applied was unticked for ‘Exportable?’.

I suggest submitting a ticket at http://support.comodo.com
And ask for the certificate you are using to be revoked so that you can re-apply.

When you get to the page where you complete your details, click on 'Advanced Private Key Options… ’ and make sure the ‘Exportable?’ option is ticked.


I’ve got the same problem. I used Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 on Microsoft Windows 2000 to request and download the certificate.

I did not change (or even look at) the “Advanced Private Key Options” when I requested the certificate.

me to, cant export mail certificate for backup (:AGY)

“private key is not exportable” ie6

Yeah the not marking the Private Key As Exportable is totally counter intuitive especially considering that the instructions for backing up the Key assume a non-default option thats hard to find and requires forum digging.

Ya Guys should tighten things up :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Garry,

could you be a bit more specific about where or how I get to the “Advanced Private Key Options”?

In IE7 I could only find Certificates, Advanced Options, Certificate Purposes, list of Purposes,
but no mention of a check box for “exportable?”

Help is muchly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

[quote author=kulaworld link=topic=12878.msg149708#msg149708 date=1207444745]
could you be a bit more specific about where or how I get to the “Advanced Private Key Options”?

I had a problem with this issue too until I observed the following. When applying for a certificate using Internet Explorer, there is a request to allow the Active-X Control “Certificate Enrollment Control”. When it installs, a link for Advanced Private Key Options appears immediately above the section for the Revocation Password. Clicking on the link opens a form with options for CSP, Key Size, Exportable, and User Protected. When Firefox is used with the default rendering engine, there is only an option for key size. Using the IE engine in Firefox for the same page gets the advanced options link.