Why bloqued??

Sorry for my bad english , in the logs of comodo a few things was blocked without stop : windows operating system,bloqued, UDP, source IP:, source port : 68, destination IP :, destination port : 67 ,I think its has to do with DHCP, but even though this line is blocked my connection works perfectly, why comodo bloqued this line??
thank you for your answers

This traffic is for Bootstrap protocol which is not the same as DHCP.

Bootstrap is used to assign IP addresses. It is older than DHCP. It is being used by some cable providers. Some DHCP servers still support Bootstrap. But it is not the same as DHCP.

Nevertheless, the bootp protocol is used by dhcp (“reverse compatibility”) and launched by svchost, meaning that windows does not have a specific bootp service.

It might not be used by the isp server, or it might be totally useless if the computer has a static lan ip, thus keeping the need to get one assigned: in such a situation, one might want to disable the windows dhcp service; if needing it and don’t wanting to be alerted, write a svchost rule for it, allowing udp out, ports 67 and 68, ip (lan broadcast).


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