Why are my popups hidden and how do I fix it?

Lately everytime I get a popup it opens under the page instead of on top so I don’t see it. I’m talking here about the popups that I want to see, like when I’m signing into something. To make it even worse the task bar is hidden and inaccessible when the browser is maxed so I have to minimize the browser to sign in. This is especially annoying when I’m on one of my chess sites using the analysis board

Hi mmmjv,
Have you recently added any extensions that could be conflicting with your pop-ups?
Try temporarily disabling your extensions to see if the issue persists.

As far as the taskbar being hidden, see if the Windows key will bring it into view.

Also right click the taskbar and check under properties to see if ‘Auto-hide’ is enabled/disabled.
Depending on your operating system, you may also have an option to ‘Keep the taskbar on top of other windows’.

Kind regards.

Hello, disabling the extensions didn’t do anything. I did disable auto hide so the taskbar is on top now but that doesn’t help either because now when I hover over the Como Dragon logo in the taskbar and try to bring up that second window it won’t come up. If I hover over the image it comes up but if I move the mouse away from that image or if I click on the image it goes away

Do you mean that the menu that comes down goes away when you try to click on it or move your mouse?