Why are extra pages generating when receiving Trustfax faxes?

I’m wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problem I’m having. I ran a test yesterday where I sent 2 faxes via Trustfax, one by email and one by the internal control panel. Both faxes had coverpages. One fax had a file attachment of 1 .pdf file, the other 1 .pdf and 1 .doc. All attachments were exactly one page in length. On my test fax machine both faxes were received and printed ok, except that the machine spit out double the number of pages. More specifically, BLANK PAGES are printing in between every fax page.

For example:
Fax 1 sent from within Trustfax = 1 covernote, 1 .pdf attachment (1 page) = 2 pages
this fax printed 4 pages = covernote, blank, .pdf page, blank
Fax 2 sent from email = 1 covernote, 1 .pdf (1 page), 1 Word .dof file (1 page) = 3 pages
this fax printed 6 pages…same as above, alternating blank pages

Needless to say, I’m not thrilled about this. I haven’t had a chance to test transmission to another fax machine, but do not expect a difference, as this fax machine was a reliable benchmark with my older fax service.
Can anyone offer a resolution to this problem?

Trustfax does not add pages to faxes. Trustfax converts the documents to a faxable format by converting the file type. If the file has page breaks, trustfax will honor the page break and create the appropriate number of pages. Trustfax will also retain the page size letter and legal size pages when faxing.
You can send an email to support@trustfax.com with your account fax number and they will gladly look at the files to let you know the exact reason for your issue.
Checking the support database for any issue similar to that you describe was not found. Searching the testing Q&A database also revealed no issues to that which you describe.