why are betas no longer posted here?

the title of the topic syas it all. so why?

Have there been beta’s recently?

the last beta was v12 and no beta release after that

So why do we still have a beta forum?

for future betas

wait a minute. it’s my understanding that when a new version is being built it goes through alfa testing then beta testing and then when it it’s done being tested then it becomes stable. am i wrong or missing something

sometimes but not always.

lately dragon hasnt had any betas or alphas that i know of. they go straight to public release

If a beta version for Linux ever comes available, I would love to be one of the beta testers.

This site(Beta sub-section, not actual website) doesn’t play well with my RSS reader or I would keep coming here when something new is posted. I just came by because of curiosity. I am also wondering where the Betas underwent.