Why are all apps allowed to pass in and out??

I found that Comodo Firewall per default allows all applications to flush in and out through the firewall without notifying the user.

Today it allowed QuickTime to connect to Internet; I was not even alerted that it was doing so. If there was some spyware on my PC, how can I be sure that the firewall will prevent it from transmitting data back and forth? Comodo allows all activity here!!

I tried to scan for known applications… and it found only a handfull. Comodo Firewall did not find Media Player for example…

How do I make Comodo ASK me every time an application tries to connect to Internet? Or should I manually set up a rule for every tiny application myself, since Comodo does not seem to find them?

A firewall should certainly not let everything pass through without notifying the user.

The reason you are not being prompted is because CF recognizes these applications as being trusted. CF has an internal database of trusted applications and anything not in this list, you will be prompted for. If you would rather be prompted for each application, then uncheck “Do not show any alerts for applications cetified by COMODO” (found within advanced, miscellaneous). You can also change the type of prompts you recieve by altering the “alert frenquency level”.


Edit: With the default setup, you will be prompted for any inbound or outbound access by applications not in this list.