Why all the connections?

I am using only the basic Firewall with version number 5.0.162636.1135 and I am seeing some strange behavior. It doesn’t happen every day but sometimes when I start up my computer, the Firewall shows up to 500 connections being made to the same IP address ( which is Comodo in the UK. The connections are being made by cmdagent.exe(884). Why do I need so many connections and actually why do I need any at all when I have turned off the checking for updates function? I don’t need the newer version of the Firewall in my opinion and I do not have the AV, D+, or the sandbox in use.

I also got an alert from the Comodo cloud scanner the other day. Why should I be getting that when I didn’t think I was using any component that utilized the cloud functionality?

I would welcome any input concerning whether it would be advisable to update just the basic Firewall to the newest version. I don’t need the IPv6 capability but are there other improvements to just the Firewall that I may want to take advantage of?