Why a Macintosh?

I’m buying a new laptop soon.

Is there a reasonable reason for a regular user to spend two or three hundred € more?

And get used to a new OS?

And cope with incompatible software/applications?

Reasonable reasons, someone?

  Thanks in advance.

No. ;D

No CIS, some good (free) programs don’t work with it, some malware can infect it, etc.

I’m a PC. ;D

need I say more ;D


Haha languy99. ;D

Ok Jose…if you’re a “simpleton” get a Mac, but if you want the full “experience” (which includes some bad things ;D) get Windows. Maybe you should wait for Windows 7.

Here is a MAC vs PC comparison

Hahaha Melih! That was a great video lol. Really well done.

While not taking one side or the other, I’ve got a slightly different take on it. We’ve been doing a usability study at work on Mac V PC. Both test groups were given a standard installation with baseline security and productivity apps installed. Each group was given a reasonably extensive list of tasks to achieve. Each group were given a version of the operating system they were unfamiliar with.

Mac users - started producing output sooner, but fumbled when things didn’t go quite the way they expected.

PC users - slower to produce equivalent output, but were able to recover from unexpected events quicker.

From a business perspective - it’s easier, in our opinion, to provide ongoing support and provide a wider range of specialised apps.

From a user perspective - Macs are fun, Macs are simple to use.

It comes down to choice - do your research and see what suits your individual requirements. Me, I’d save the money.

Ewen :slight_smile: