Why a False positive on DVD, required reboot?

Not a bug but something you can improve:

  • I have a DVD with a lot of directories, one contains a false positive file.
  • I select them and do a “SCAN WITH COMODO ANTIVIRUS” (no virus is reported, I rescan them twice)
  • now i browse the DVD and when i open the “false positive” directory comodo says: A virus was found; (it can’t remove as it was on DVD), set a time for reboot.

Ok now:

  1. I scaned them twice, and comodo detect the “virus” only when I open the directory (as windows access the file name/icons ecc), my antivirus settings are on “STATEFUL”; why?
  2. the “virus” reside on DVD; a readonly device, it doesne’t matter if I reboot, comodo can remove it. You can enumerate the devices; skip the reboot message if the virus reside on “read only devices” (you can block the file access).

Thank you