Who thinks Windows is Getting worse?

Who here thinks Windows is getting worse? I’ve seen from Google News many things are going wrong w/ Windows. I’m using Linux so I don’t need to worry about my PC going bad. Just thought I’d ask because of what I noticed from Google News. :slight_smile:

Windows 10 is running just fine for me !

Of course you read more bad news about Windows than good news because the people with Windows running fine wouldn´t post it !

this, atleast for me, is a fact…

but thats the way it is. we use windows 10/11 or go for linux or macos or bsds… no other place to go…

Windows 11 with all the updates is running without any problems !

not for me. fresh installed windows 11 22h2 latest moment update with all windows updates… fresh installed cis (latest) and the computer is showing high cpu usage, high memory bandwidth during some cis processes run, lost of responsiveness of the computer while cis is in tray (running its processes). all of that disapeared when i unninstalled cis, so… no lucky for me and this computer used to test it. back to win 10 and facing some minor bugs, as usual, but still, usable.