Who is telling the truth? Comodo or Sun?

CIS 5 can’t run into Virtualbox: https://forums.comodo.com/beta-corner-cis/comodo-internet-security-501596341091-rc-released-t60637.0.html;msg425567#msg425567

Seems that Comodo teams do not test Comodo programs into Virtualbox (for instance: https://forums.comodo.com/help-ctm/virtualbox-xp-fail-to-load-completely-t60791.0.html;msg427138#msg427138 and https://forums.comodo.com/beta-corner-ctm/comodo-time-machine-27150952175-beta-bug-reports-t57786.0.html;msg417267#msg417267).

Seems that the limitation is imposed by Sun Virtualbox:

WARNING: CIS does not work properly in VirtualBox because of the limitations imposed by this virtual machine(Vectored Exceptions fail). So please test it with another VM software.

Seems that Sun (users?) says that the problem is on Comodo side that does not develop their programs to run in Virtualbox. For instance, virtualbox.org • View topic - Comodo Internet Security in Virtual Box

In other situations, the problem was on Virtualbox side and their did not acknowledge it…

Who is telling the truth? Comodo or Sun?

Virtualbox is not the industry standard for VM machines VMware is and they always develop their software to work properly with most software. No one has problems with VMware that I know of. Also why are you asking if comodo or sun is telling the truth? You even proved that Sun is the one with the problem becasue you provided a link to avast that said sun is the problem.

I prove nothing.
Problems are very different one from another.
Most probably the avast firewall problem was corrected by avast side (which development team is serious).
VMWare is a bloatware of services/drivers/network mess…
I still have some hope on both companies to work together on this.

I’m not surprised, it needs to be. That’s Windows.

Well, maybe we need to go back to Virtualbox & Comodo issue :slight_smile:

You must be either missing the point… or talking to yourself here. :slight_smile:

Talking to myself… I mean, maybe someone from Comodo staff could say something about the dialog with Sun in this particular point.

This particular point… the subject of your topic? Who is telling the truth? Comodo or Sun?
OK. Good luck with that.

Is there anything wrong with the question?

Please, VMware is the standard for VM machines that all others are reaching for. With every release it has gotten better and better.

Now, was there any dialog between both development teams?

Considering your stated objective (getting Comodo & Sun working together), I do not believe that finding out which one of them lied first (the logical conclusion/implication of your question/subject) to be a good basis of any possible future relationship and/or dialogue between them.

In short. Nice attention grabbing subject. But, poorly thought out given your objective. OK? :slight_smile:

This quote sums it up for me:

Apparently VirtualBox is not capable of fully simulation an OS due to lack of functionality.

End of discussion.

I agree. This topic should be locked.

Sometimes I feel you don’t like to discuss or talk some things. I’ll try to open a new dialog with Sun team. Hope I have luck.

Me too, I feel you don’t like to discuss some things as well. :-\

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