Who is COMODO anyway?

Who is Comodo Anyway?

I asked my Marketing Department to answer the question – “who is Comodo?”, here is what they came up with…

By means of introduction, Comodo is the world’s second largest Certification Authority that is setting the standard for Identity and Trust Assurance online, (blah, blah, blah). This means we are ensuring that both consumers and business’ establish trust online with true e-identity and e-business authentication solutions like SSL certificates, vulnerability management, web content authentication, two factor authentication and desktop security ( blah, blah, blah) . Comodo wants to help consumers and emerchants have a more trusted experience online, and ultimately protect personal information from falling into the wrong hands, (blah, blah, blah).
(Ok – so this the end of “official” marketing blah blah blah part :))

So who is Comodo – really?

It started in 1998 when I began to explore “creating trust” in the digital world just as the Internet was connecting people all over the planet. And the more the Internet enabled connectivity – the more it became apparent to me how urgent the need was to secure and authenticate digital identities and interactions. The “trust threats” (btw: I coined this phrase… cool isn’t it (:KWL). Now Lets all say it together “TRUST THREATS!.. Love it! Thanks…) were considerable! We don’t know who the person is sending emails. We can be taken to any site without our knowledge and our digital identities can be plagiarized online with no means to control it. Our passwords could be stolen without us knowing and online merchants struggle to establish trust online with their potential customers. Banks don’t know if the user logging into their system is the authorized user or not. And on and on sigh. (are you scared yet? ::slight_smile: )

With that in mind, I turned the company’s focus (resources and all 3 of my brain cells) towards innovating new technologies to keep users safe and online businesses accountable to their customers. And you are benefiting from the fruits of that labor with our “kick-■■■” firewall (PC Magazine’s term – not mine ;D) and VerificationEngine that allow users to confirm site identity by authenticating content. Emerchants have benefited through our innovations in digital encryption and vulnerability management services. (noticed the last sentence?.. it smells marketing doesn’t it :), can spot them from a mile away… btw: I don’t use a phrase like “digital encryption” as if there is an “analogue encryption” that’s so not me! Digital encryption…. Hey, marketing… pls go read PKI for dummies will you!!! You will give me a bad name people!!! Digital encryption!!! Yay, yay, yay!!)

And we are making a difference…

• Every day, over 1 million User initiated authentication interactions are taking place using Comodo technology enabling tens of millions of dollar worth of transactions. No one comes even close! What that means is : Everyday over 1 million users authenticate (actually do something to authenticate) websites they do shopping with.
• Every 10 seconds of every day, another PC is protected with a Comodo free desktop security solution such as our firewall. (isn’t that cool (:AGL) We are trying to bring it down to 1 sec (which I am sure we will) and then continue to increase it! (mark my words (:NRD) )
• The number of Users selecting a Comodo desktop solution to protect their PC is doubling every four weeks. (thanks to our users like you (CLY) )
• Comodo TrustLogos including our Corner of Trust logo, is used nearly 4 times the rate of VeriSign site seals (35% versus 7%). (well no surprise really, check this out http://www.google.com/trends?q=comodo%2Cverisign&ctab=0&geo=all&date=2006 , people now want Comodo :wink: ) (you might not know but Verisign is the company we fight with for our monies)
• Only Comodo gives Users a “Point to Verify” innovation in site seals that empowers them to authenticate a merchant’s credentials. (its very important to have an interactive authentication mechanism that user’s can trust!)

But the best part is that we have results to show for our commitment and effort. For the first time, Comodo became the “most sought after brand” of all certification authorities based on new search engine tools (such as Google Trends). More and more people recognize that Comodo alone is creating the links that connect consumers and emerchants within a symbiotic environment (what? How many times do I have to tell you guys in the marketing dept not to use these fancy words!!! Honeeeyyyyy, where is my dictionary!!!) where consumers are protected, confident shoppers and emerchants have the best Identity and Trust Assurance tools to protect their customers. (yeah, yeah, yeah.)

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http://www.google.com/trends?q=comodo%2Cverisign&ctab=0&geo=all&date=2006 (link for the above graph)

(I like Google Trends now (:LOV))

How do we do it?

Our Research Team is a group of really smart techies around the planet who are totally committed to discovering emerging, critical security vulnerabilities (in fact a few of these techies have not even seen the light day or spoken to alive person in years (heh, heh, yes we do give them water and even food sometimes :smiley: )! Well you know what I mean… I am talking about pure tech-heads here! )). And no other CA has contributed more to the industry’s understanding of emerging trust threats than Comodo over the last several years. This research directly contributes to our growing portfolio of security and vulnerability management services that dramatically mitigate risks and significantly reduce the likelihood of potential attacks. (at bloody last, something that marketing wrote that I agree with!!!)

With Comodo behind you - You can establish trust online to mitigate online vulnerabilities (ok ok, that’s so very marketing fluff-like heading, I didn’t write it, honestly…blame the marketing people :-[ )

As you travel on the winding roads of the Internet (oh my god… winding roads of the internet… that’s so funny!!!) and you see a Comodo seal on a site, you can trust that the site has passed muster as an authenticated eMerchant. And in the course of your travels, if you don’t see a Comodo seals confirming the site’s credibility, don’t put yourself at risk! (that I agree with actually, no Comodo seal no Trust! Hey, we make our money selling that stuff, so help us by looking out for Comodo seals ok! Thanks (CNY)) Look for eMerchants with Comodo site seals and if they don’t have one – demand they get it (yeah do that pls… that would be cool and we could make money and make more free products for you (:NRD) everyone happy eh!). That way, you will stay safe and they will become a trusted eMerchant who you know cares as much about keeping you safe as you do. (heh heh! Yep you sussed it… its marketing fluff again :slight_smile: ) (I have to let them have a line or two here and there… makes them feel important… ssshh don’t tell them though :slight_smile: )

(start: marketing fluff)
What we stand for.
• Comodo Vision is to create TRUSTED AND AUTHENTICATED online experience – from browsing to shopping to conducting highly sensitive online transactions

• Comodo Mission to be the leading supplier of critical IDENTITY AND TRUST ASSURANCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS differentiated by security, innovation and unrivalled TCO for a secure and trusted online world.
(End: marketing fluff)

[i]And me to finish off with :

Well, at the end of day, you have to have a Secure platform with authenticated entities so that you can interact on the internet! Its my job to deliver that to you! Its my job to make sure you are not susceptible to malware on your machine, its my job to make sure to check and certify the websites you visit, its my job to make sure you have the tools authenticate the “content” that internet serves you! Yep… I do have a rather hefty task, but one by one and with your help we’ll make it happen!

Merci beaucoup (CLY)


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Thank you Melih.
That was some interesting reading. (except for the marketing dep. bla bla… ;D :wink: )
I will say it loud! TRUST THREATS! TRUST THREATS! oops… do you have an insurace? ::slight_smile:
I just broke my tongue… :o ;D

We will of course help you as much as we can! :slight_smile:



I Agree ! (V)

I’m really enthusiastic helping Comodo Firewall to be in LA Spanish. And why not… in a near future help you guys with another programs translations to LA Spanish :■■■■


With these great words, (blah, blah, blah) how can one argue? :smiley: :wink: