Who Are You, Why Have You Registered?

I love you all!
Oh boo hoo stop being lovey dovey
Well it’s true
So it doesn’t matter stop being lovey dovey
You know what…

From my years of being on this forum; its somewhere i can go and be lost in… its like my own little world, dont’ have to worry about anything, everything just escapes my mind. It’s like heaven LOL… I kno i’m not a great moderator nor a great tech but i promise you and i’ll get better; hopefully next week i’ll get much better… I must say I want to thank you guys for being here… I know a lot of you signed up because you needed help, but why not make this place more than that why not make this place where we can laugh and share jokes and possibly even say hey; how is it going? what was your highlight of your day? what are you doing next week etc etc or even if you need some encouragment…

Its like what i said about couple years back to my friend Jasmine, I said; It’s not like the good old days where you can walk down the street and say “Top of the mornin to ya; how are you doing sir?” … Where i live; if you do that you may get jumped… or have your stuff stolen… i dont know how or why this world has changed but i must say; Its going down the dumps pretty slow…

I signed up back in August of 06 (or was it september)… under a different name ( I had like 3 or 4 names)… from the most stable and happy times of my life to the struggling times of my life… This forum right here this forum has always been there… Reason i signed up i must say wasn’t because to get help for a product or a service that Comodo offered but to get verbal and moral and mental peace! … it sounds weird i know but, I had a terrible start/childhood; and a terrible teen years… and as i’m ending my teen years Feb 12 I’ll be using all memories that i have and use them as motivation and encouragement…

From all the child abuse, and moving every 6 months for 16 years, and never having a place to stay for a combined 2 years or never having any friends longer then one year… all that and more… It’s behind me… and the reason i’m here today is because the people and the environment at this here forum is like peace to me… I must say that you probably don’t even know me… you probably don’t care… and even now your saying Cry me a river and build a bridge and get over it … but I just want those who read this too know… that the reason i signed up was because i wanted somewhere to go that i could be free… that i could be my self and not worrying about someone judging my past.

Memories is the only hard proof that we exist, and even though mine may be ■■■■■■ its still my proof that i know what i done… and i’m hoping to get better… I want to be better than my dad… and my mom… and prove to them that i am better, and i’m nothing like my dad… (Darn man It sucks being emotional lol *tear) I can’t wait til that day where i can actually find my dad and tell him that I forgive him for what he done to me when i was younger then 5… and tell him that I don’t hate him because with out that memory; i wouldn’t have gotten this far!

Well thats just a sketch of my life and why i join’d :slight_smile:

If you dont like it, and you complain… I always have the Ban button >:-D >:-D

I love you guys! you to Melih!
You guys are awesome!

Well, thats all i have to say; …

WoW… you had a hard time :frowning: but the past doesn’t say who you are. I am person that had a hard (if not hard at least complicated, in the negative direction) time as a child and teenager. My ideas or my help have mostly never been listened/wanted but I am still trying to help and telling people my ideas because that’s who I am :). Even if the past was telling me: Keep what you have mind and in your soul for yourself!

Jake :slight_smile: you are a strong and a good person and don’t forget what I told you in a PM (if you don’t remember I will send it once again ;)) :slight_smile:

We should always keep walk forward (that would be towards the future) and not backwards! And if we do look walk back in time we should take what was good and use in future! Love this life. You know what the difference between a pessimist and a optimist? The optimist has more fun :slight_smile:

To forums…Each time I have had some small problem I have had some people here that answered (to be honest I never expected anyone to answer) and for that I’m grateful. Thanks

Valentin N

To Jake don’t put yourself down, I think you are a great Mod and as far as Technical knowledge goes I will swap yours for mine any day. Very sorry to hear about your rough times. I don’t know you personally, but the little I do know about you I can surely see a great future for you. If at this moment I had the oppurtunity to meet anyone in the whole word after reading your reply I would choose to meet you. Keep up the good work buddy and all the best for the future.
To Jake and Valentin well done to you both, reading your replies has restored any doubt I had about this community that is Comodo community Forum. Life is precious and reading these 2 replies just confirmed it. Kind regards.

I’ve just joined this forum :slight_smile:

From the last 9 months or so I’m using Comodo Firewall with Avira Personal as my Desktop security solution. I truly love this combination. Coming to the point, I need to ask a question regarding mind numbing intrusions are being reported (thousands per day!) so I was wondering in which section I need to post the same :-\

Could anyone suggest in this regard?


When you see the intrusions in the Firewall logs start a topic in the Firewall Help - CIS and when the intrusions are in the Defense + logs start a topic in Defense+ / Sandbox Help then we will help you with it.

Thanks for the prompt response, am opening a thread in Firewall Help - CIS