Who Are You, Why Have You Registered?

Hello All;

I just wanted to attempt to get to know people on these forums ; I realize that most of us think that moral is a bit low; so I can’t offer any women ATM; But I can offer is verbal/technological support :slight_smile:

So, Hope this doesn’t go down without any replies.

Anyone care to share a little about your self and why you have registered?

Face it; We are a family; You came to this small family and all of us made it bigger stronger and sometimes even spread humor all around :smiley:


I registered way back when I found about Comodo Firewall, and had a problem with it. Then…a year later, about, I got more interested and revived my old account and continued bugging people despite the bans and warnings. I’m basically just a reader and learner, and I’m not that helpful to anyone anymore…since this forum is already crowded with people who know more than me. 88) Is this a good example post for everyone?)

Hi. Only a short time ago I had a old system with only 384mb ram and all Antimalware programs that I tried had some impact on my system and then I tried CIS v5 and was impressed with how well it ran with such little ram usage. Impressed enough to want to become part of the Comodo community and learn about it.
I do try to help but as LaserWraith said the knowledge already on this forum makes it a better place to learn than to help, but we will do our best. Hey Jake no women on offer oh well, I have 2 already a wife and a Daughter and thats more than enough. Well done Jake and Thankyou.

Nothing original either: it seems natural for someone wanting to retrieve the best of a software to fetch informations shared by its editor and/or other users.

I first registered for CIS 2.X running under Win 2K, and i was some time away because 3.X wouldn’t run under 2K: i came back when it became practically impossible to use 2K anymore (what a shame…), now using 3.X on one partition, and 5.3 on the other one ( mostly for testing and translation purposes, as fully customized 3.X seems to be enough for maybe my peculiar internet usage).

Heh, I’m over all Internet in hardware forums so I can’t miss my beloved CIS forum (even it’s a software one).
I mainly read the forums because I’m not a security/software expert to give advices.
Anyway I feel good here on Comodo forums. :-TU

I have used on my beloved computer many security suits. But that was only a trial versions - because full licence versions are very expensive and I can’t afford to buy it.
Meanwhile I heard about Comodo - I new the company but I did not realize that Comodo Internet Security Complete 2011 is such a good and well made software.
So I registred to Comodo forum to get some more information about it and I just got an information that a members of Comodo forum may will recive a licence key to suite Complete free. It was like a ridding for me.
The rest of my registration story You know people of Comodo. For some reasons I was treated here very bad and very wrong. But for sure this was just a few Comodo’s Heros - not everybody here …
So I have registered here because I was hopeing to learn Comodo’s issiues and to find some friends here.
Well , what can I say ???

Heyy nice thread by the way!!

Well I am from India. I joined the forum here way back when Comodo Firewall was at version 2. I came to know about Comodo through one of the news paper here. From then I have learned a lot about Comodo, thier idea behind Comodo products & learned a lot about security softwares, other softwares & many troubleshooting things, etc. I love this forum & find it very easy to navigate with the threads & find any solutions. The guyz here are great & very helpful & offcoz very knowledgeable. Now I am a regular visitor here & though I am not that expert but gives my suggestions & offer any help when I think I am right. This is the first place for me to get help for any of the system related probs. From the time I registered here, I have learned a lot here & in my own little way tried to offer my help here & shared all the joys, fun, thoughts & also weird things & comments.

I simply LUV this forum, the Friends here, Comodo & Comodo Products & Everythinzzzzzzz.

Regards to all the Frenzzzzzzzz here

I have known comodo since v3 or v4 (can’t remember which but I think v4) but I joined when CIS 5 beta was out. When I saw that comodo has forums I decided to join. That’s my story:)

Valentin N

Heya Jake buddy

I have been using Comodo since it shortly launched the firewall , I was overwhelmed by the software and the initiative it started. Finally, people who cannot afford to buy software to protect their computers are now able not to have that ■■■■■■ solved and forever too, but to have the best possible products to do so.

Amazing, I really believe that Comodo is setting the security standards, or at least raising them to the limit that some rival companies will have to live up to the challenge or risk loosing everything …

Comodo educated people ,embraced them, and made them an integrated part of their policy , how can I not respect that.

I didn’t know until recently who the company was , or who was behind it, I just loved the whole idea that made it possible .

after a while I thought that this company is really serious about their job, and it’s time I also found a way to say thank you, when I signed up, there were mainly two things behind it , say a big huge thank you, and see if I could help in anyway, for example translating some of Comodo’s products, but it turned out that all I can do, is just continue loving being here , and observe a giant being born. that doesn’t happen a lot in life you know ;D … and I wana be here every step of the way …

I know almost nothing about computers, but I know what I need to know, and what I am messing, I don’t lack the common sense , and I know how to really search the internet … and now that internet regarding information on security software and a bunch of others, is simply, Comodo … ;D ;D :-TU

Face it; We are a family; You came to this small family and all of us made it bigger stronger and sometimes even spread humor all around Cheesy

and a great thread Jake, even though that shouldn’t be a surprise coming from you …

corrected a typo thankfully flagged by SiberLynx
p.s., please guys we are trying very hard here, English isn’t the tongue language for everyone in the forums, so please be considerate , and not hold this against us …

I have known Comodo since version 4.1
I’ve registered here, because i wanted to know, that i can submit files(malwares which Comodo doesn’t detected) to Comodo :stuck_out_tongue:
Now i’m malware researcher, yay!:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a pity :frowning: Maybe later? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

p.s.: I registered because i could not install v3 (when it appeared) probably because v2 was not uninstalled properly – so i filled out a bug report

ive registered to get some good advice on any problems with my internet security.
I have not been using windows computers for very long,just over a year.
And the first security product i came across was comodo.
Admittedly i have tried other security software but never really liked them.
Ive always stuck with comodo as it provides top notch security and an unbeatable price.
The comodo forum is the best place to gain some insight into how comodo works and how to use it properly and im glad to say that im getting there slowly.

thanks to everyone at comodo for giving us this fantastic product.

(:WAV) :ilovecomodo:

I registered ages ago it seems; it was June 2007 (I checked).

I was running Vista and after having used the Windows Firewall for half a year things started to itch to find a decent freeware firewall. I first tried Jetico (open source) but that was too much a “network administrator’s tool” for my likings.

I then found Comodo Firewall 3.0 alpha that was Vista ready so I started using it and came to the forums to learn more about it.

I found out Comodo had a rock solid reputation for its firewall and got intrigued by the HIPS component and it apparent protective capabilities. I had seen a HIPS like thing before in Outpost 4 but it never clicked to me back then; I just thought it was annoying and switched if off… :smiley:

I was amazed by what D+ was monitoring and what was apparently going on under Windows’ hood. The early alpha builds of the firewall used to forget its rules every one and a half day; that surely kept me focused on whatever it whatever it was monitoring. >:-D Other than that the underlying driver was rock solid. O0

That was in short why I registered. And 3 and a half years later I am still around… :o ;D

I’ve been around since version 3, when I was looking for something better after I finally got around to noticing that my Sygate firewall stopped updating (took WAY long than it should have ;D). I’m mostly a lurker, but I’ve learned enough so that when the stars align just right, I am able to help out from time to time. Or at least try to. The technical information available here is very interesting to me, but I also enjoy the assorted off topic posts, and during my stay here I feel like I’ve come to know a few of you from afar (to varying degrees) and appreciate the wide range of personalities that frequent these forums.

Well, I’ve lurking around here since the beginning (2006?) before I registered in march 2007 co’s I would test FW2 beta (I think it was) and also would get some trix and tips from here over time.
And by the time I also try to help a little and also get help when things went wrong (tnx everybody!).
And as the times go by I saw the little Comodo child grown up to be a big strong man (or woman if someone prefer that) and here I am.

I was an computer engineer/constructor and electronics engineer/constructor in the past before I got very tired of it :smiley:
So nowdays I do something complete different: Cheating as an music composer, poem writer and nature photographer and that makes me feel very good in my life. It’s a big span between all those things from the past to now.

I have registered here so that I can interact with our users
1)to solve any problems they have
2)to learn how we can improve by listening to their experiences
3)to ask how else we can improve


And 4) By showing how Comodo has improved in security protection when they go to Comodo TV ;D

I joined (seriously) because a certain CEO was making serious waves with a certain company in the security world & I wanted to see what it was all about. Before I knew it the “default deny” revolution was in full effect! :wink: I’ve learned more in a year here than I did all the years prior about protecting a PC (I thought I was safe with PCTools SD plus AV FREE). There truly is never a dull moment in the Comodo forums

Well I joined in February 2009 and the first thing I did was hijack a thread to try to solve a problem with submitting files through CIS 88). If you don’t believe me, well here’s the link. Then I mostly hung around the forum and got an idea of how the product worked. I also learned more than I ever thought I would about Computer Security. Finally, I knew enough to answer some questions myself, but it get’s very frustrating having to answer the same questions again and again. ;D

So I started compiling the advice into articles, and… someone made the mistake of making me a Mod. I guess I’ll find out for myself whether the absolute power I now wield will corrupt me absolutely. I’ll get back to you later about that. Or maybe I’ll just ban everyone. :wink: We’ll see.

Oddly enough, my initial experience with the forum left a bad taste in my mouth.

I was using AVG’s AV/Firewall product at the time. This was before it got bloated and started causing people so much grief. Can’t remember which version though…

I had read good things about Comodo’s firewall. The current release was version 2.x. I don’t think Defense+ had been added yet. So I uninstalled AVG and installed the firewall. I had trouble with a couple peripherals that weren’t behaving properly, so after monkeying with the firewall a bit and not making progress, I reinstalled AVG and started combing the forum for anything that looked like it might help me out. Not finding anything, I made a post describing my problem.

I got one single response! And it was from somebody saying that AVG wasn’t really considered a firewall because it didn’t block outgoing requests, (It did…) and that I should look in security settings for applications. I responded that AVG did block outgoing requests and that I did look in security settings, but since these peripherals weren’t applications, I didn’t see how to allow them. No further responses… I was less than impressed with the help I received. :wink: I decided not to belabor the point and just lurked for a bit. Never did get the problem solved with that version.

My next involvement was when the CAVS (The standalone AV) beta was released a month or so later. It was an extremely slow scanner, so I made a post saying so. My reply then was that it was beta. Yep, I’m aware of that, merely reporting my experiences… 88) So that was also a less than fulfilling experience.

Then I stayed away for about a year until the public release of CIS. (Version 3?) I no longer had the peripheral trouble with CIS that I had with V2 of the firewall, but I had some other questions, so I decided to bite the bullet and post in the forum again. People were much more responsive this time, so I’ve hung around. :slight_smile: