Who agrees to continue ccav development?

Please participate in the survey and Write your comments

Perhaps, also a discussion on the merits and demerits.
1.Did they stop development of CCAV and why?
2. What are the benefits (and the downsides) of CCAV vs CAV?
3. ?

CAV have protection online and database virus (possible scan offline) :-TU
CCAV have protection online, but not scan offline :wink:

Given the fact that updates already take a very long time for the main CIS software, I do not see how it would be feasible to then also ask for the same developers to work on an additional product.

I think the best way forward would be to integrate features into CIS such as Valkyrie along with some sort of ‘Simple’ mode that takes from CCAV so that novice users can use CIS without being discouraged by it’s lengthy settings.

The use of simple to select predefined configurations for HIPS, etc within a more simple GUI layout (such as what CCAV used) may be a possible use case.

I am just looking at this from a practical perspective utilising the resources Comodo already has.