whitelisted email still gets Probable warnng

Shouldn’t whitelisted addresses get through without any warnings?


I have this as well and asked ages ago about it without a reply from support.

Hi Louyo and Willard,

All filtering is disabled on mail sent by white-listed senders to recipients at the selected domain.

The only exception is that mail from a white-listed sender which contains a suspicious attachment will still be blocked UNLESS the ‘Suspicious attachment rule’ is enabled.

If you need, you can see the details about whitelisting conditions in this help page: Sender Whitelist, Antispam | Comodo AntiSpam Gateway | COMODO

By default, all mails containing suspicious attachments will be quarantined by CASG. If you want all mails from a sender to be whitelisted and received, including those that contain suspicious attachments, you can achieve this by setting a rule with ‘Suspicious attachment rule’ option.

If you need, you can see the details about setting rules in this help page: Rules, Comodo Antispam, Whitelist Email Server, Blacklist Email | Email Security

I hope these information would be helpful for you. If you receive a warning apart from these conditions, there can be any bug that should be analyzed by our team so that I request from you to reach our support with your CASG account in order to analyze your maillogs.


Thank you, I just sent screen shots of one that did not have an attachment.


I feel sorry for support as they are being told to quote the manual when I also have examples of emails WITHOUT attachments being marked and have sent these over before with no reply.

FWIIW, got this from support:
“Our Development team would like to provide an update regarding your previous query. Product team explains all emails first passes a spam filter that determines a probable spam score for any messages. Only after this either a whitelist or blacklist is applied.”

I interpret this to mean whitelists don’t apply to “probables”.