Whitelist scan

runs a scan of all the programs that are installed on the computer and checks them with the whitelist and adds them to the trusted files (if found safe) so that they are not sandboxed and they dont give any popups. This would be best to run when cis is first installed or can be included at the end of a full system scan. it should be recommended while installing cis to run this first so users get less popups

I believe this was done back in a earlier version;
Currently if you do that you may be decreasing your security by a big percentage; because atm if you do that you’ll only add the file name and location not whats inside that file :smiley:

but Yes +1 Have SHA1 Checksum on all files incase a file changes then will be rescanned

Scan File A > Generate File A SHA1 Checksum > Add Both To Trusted Files > If SHA1 Checksum changes then remove the file from the trusted files list and rescan with CAV/DACS > Generate another SHA1 Checksum > Repeat;

The User may set an option how often to check the file or Check the file next time its active/loaded onto the memory or edited


i like the idea i really think this should be added to cis it will really help reduce popups and make it more user friendly

But currently, when an application runs, it will be checked in real-time against Comodo’s whitelist. Thus it will be trusted, if possible, when it attempts to run.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your wish.