whitelist malware

I would like to use the tvl. How big a problem is the occurrence of these companies somehow making malware? Thank you.

It happens quite often, read here: Comodo Forum

Taking into accoun that only a few people is reporting, you can imagine how big the problem is

How does the trusted vendor list get updated?
Which component is updating it, and when?

I never found out.
As this list has a real impact in the quality of protection, the update facts should be clear!

THis FAQ may help: Trusting vendors - I don’t want to. If you really want to do this (it will cause you a lot of alerts!) - I’d suggest option 3 retaining microsoft entries.

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So we have to decide if we want to submit files automatically to comodo, or if we will have an outdated trusted vendors list otherwise?
Why isnt this list updated by updating the program?