Whitelist Leaks

Hey there,
enjoyable development team.

I’ve just been wondering the manner you’ll be checking sent submissions in order to keep 'em in-or-out of the HIPS whitelist database.

It will be just about the same way antivirus companies are checking out for malware, right?

Because that would really be something to see like: “Malware intruder somehow found its way into Comodo’s white list” in the news, you know…

Ahem, although this would straight-up be forgiven.
because we all know errors are human in nature. :wink:

Peace out,

The COMODO team you can trust. They probably check signatures and size and all that stuff to stop fakes.

Yeh, sure they’re checksumming, I was just raving about the possibility of whitelist-based dev team somehow accidentally letting in some form of malware…

There is always a possibility.