While I love Comodo's ambition, more & more that ambition seem to blind them

It’s one thing for a company to have new and great ideas to work on for the future; but it’s quite another when it attempts to turn the future on its head by attempting to release tomorrow’s programs today. I’d be tempted to say that a lot of what Comodo releases as final programs really should be called betas. Threatcast is a good example. How many times do I have to turn over the Threatcast card looking for an ace in the hole only to draw another blank space. And I’m not talking about obscure files, I’m talking about Windows system files. Files that Comodo designates, without explanation, i as “unsafe”. (e.g.MSHTA.exe).

And whoever heard of a software company that runs a user forum with a learn curve.

As I said, Comodo’s products are superior in concept. It’s the execution that sometimes falls down to a pre-release level. They’re betas without being called that. Or maybe even capas.

The forum members believe they have found the underlying issue with Threatcast not sending or receiving responses from the Threatcast servers.

If your PC is offline during the CIS installation (which is not an unreasonable course of action) and you elect to become part of the Threatcast community, you will not receive Threatcast alerts. If, OTH, you are online when installing you will.

Curiously, if you are online and elect NOT to become part of the TC community and you later enable TC, you still will not get alerts.

This has been bought to the attention of the devs and will, assumedly, be fixed in a future release.

To rectify the issue, download the latest CIS installer, uninstall your current CIS, reboot, reinstall CIS while online, reboot - you should now get TC alerts and results.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Kappa is after beta. Did you mean alpha?

I have to admit, I mostly agree with you. By looking at all the bug reports, it seems like Comodo is trying to rush things…maybe keeping products in internal testing and public betas longer would help.

Now which part of uninstalling the firewall then being on line before installing the new one am I missing?

It’s like those programmes that need to be on line during installation but want the FW disabled - dumped immediately!

I agree that comodo’s inability to recognise windows system files is a really stupid mistake and makes it feel like beta software.

Agreed 3.8 was a bit buggy…
Some extra beta time would have been nice…
Hopefully 3.9 will have even more beta testers and maby 3 betas if needed so more bugs will be pointed out… (:KWL) (:KWL)

I think we need Release candidates, not only beta’s…, the first 2.8 was a nice example of that, it should’ve been RC1…