Which Version ? [Resolved]

How can I tell which version of BOClean I have?
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Right clicking on the icon in your task tray will bring the GUI up displaying the version or you may browse to the .exe in it’s install folder and view it’s properties/version there.

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My GUI is blank blue and does not have a version in it like the one you displayed

The GUI of 4.23 does not display the version, per se.

If, however, the systray icon looks like a little computer screen with some kind of thingie on it, then it’s 4.23 (since that’s the only version with that icon); This version, when opened as ~cat~ indicated, will be titled Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware. 4.24 is not out yet.

On the other hand, if your systray icon looks like a little vacuum cleaner, you have version 4.22 or earlier. And I believe that 4.22 or earlier has the version showing when you open the GUI.

If you downloaded from Comodo’s website, you will have version 4.23.

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PS: ~cat~'s attachment is 4.22; mine is 4.23 The graphic on the 4.23 gui is what you will see in the systray area.

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Thanks yous guys!!
I have 4.23 since I have the TV with the little thingy around it in the system tray.
Thanks again (R)

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