which to use?

Hello. When CTM dev. stoped I purchased eaz-fix. Now that CTM might take off again would it be o.k. to uninstall e-f and re-install Ctm 5.9 or should I wait to see if Ctm devs into new version? Just asking for some input-- pretty sure I already know answer. Thank you. ???

I would wait for CTM 3 to gets gold (after the beta testing).
Good if you have a non-production machine to join the beta testing.

Until there, keep your other solution :slight_smile:

??? Hi Tech.Ctm version 3 Beta…You have got me drooling…when… when… please, never seen anything regards a new version of Ctm… Thought it was flat on its back legs in the air about to do a dying fly.


public beta is expected for march

Isn’t the official version thought to be released on March?
Won’t the beta start in January? Maybe it’s a limited group beta… 88)

Thanks. Happy 2012 :slight_smile:

;D Yippeekaye!!..March 2012 Beta 3.00 version, bring it on…Chomping at the bit i am like a shirehorse chewing an apple!.


Thank you Tech. That was the answer I expected, although I am chomping at the bit to try CTM again. ;D

You’re welcome.